Jewelex in Gorleston-on-Sea

Establishment and jewelry store at 5 Church La, Great Yarmouth, Gorleston-on-Sea, NFK NR31 7BE, UK. Information about Jewelex: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.


Establishment   Jewelry store  

5 Church La
Great Yarmouth
Norfolk NR31 7BE
United Kingdom
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+44 1493 444443

Opening hours

Monday 01:00pm — 05:30pm
Tuesday 01:00pm — 05:30pm
Thursday 01:00pm — 05:30pm
Friday 01:00pm — 05:30pm

Reviews of Jewelex

    Nicky fox Added March 07, 2020
    I had some diamond rings that I have had ln a drawer for years, -(previous partner...def' not wanted) ! Also a couple of old chains and couple of broken watch which belonged to my Great Grandad in the first world war, (obviously not working) one was silver but no good to me as I was told by Cox's that they could not be repaired.
    I had tried to sell these pieces to about every jewellers in Yarmouth -crazy really as I live in Gorleston , however a neighbour told me that they had sold some Jewellry to Jewelex -so I gave them a try, So pleased I did !! came away with over two thousand pounds and as for the "unfixable" watches , -I was told to come back in a week
    A couple of days later I had a call to collect them -completely restored even new straps and glasses, ...I am really happy about this as I have 2 boys and it is something I can give them when they are a bit older as "Heirloms " from their Great , Great Grandad !
    The watches keep perfect time , just can't believe it !!! -also I should mention the highest price I was offered for my jewellery in Yarmouth was £550. -the lowest was near the arcade - a joke ....£35 ! -Jewelex -£2,150 ! ! love the guys attitude in this shop too !

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